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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't people wearing the smock take it off? 

Yes. It's not designed to prevent exhibitionism. It's for people who wish to be clothed, which is the majority of suicidal inmates. We have given some thought to an anti-exhibitionist garment but haven't come up with a safe design. Would you let us know if you have any ideas? 


Are they washable? 

Completely. Nylon may be the most abrasion-resistant fiber around. The smocks and blankets hold up extremely well in hot water, chlorine bleach and hot dryer. These are hard on any fabric and should be minimized to prolong the life of the item. We suggest that users follow whatever laundering process that they use for other institution linens. (As if you have a lot of control over your laundry anyway.) Wash with lint free items. 

Surya is stronger than any two men and shredded every blanket that The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species could find. Then they gave him a Ferguson Safety Blanket, made of Cordura. They say he tried and tried but could not tear the Ferguson.

Are they indestructible? 

Have you heard about the Wisconsin inmate who tore through walls with his bare hands to pull out the wiring? How about the Wyoming inmate who bent a solid steel door in half? These actual events indicate how imprudent it would be to call anything made of fabric "indestructible". Our blankets and smocks are made of the strongest wearable, washable fabric available. 

Why are they so heavy?

(Smocks weigh 4¼ pounds) A: In order to prevent the items from being rolled up and tied around the neck, they have to be bulky. The bulk is provided by polyester fiberfill, which is fairly light-weight but the volume does add up. The nylon cordura is about one seventh the weight of cotton of the same strength. 

Why are they priced high? 

They're very expensive to make. Actually, our prices are significantly lower than the standard formula for manufactured goods and since we sell direct, there is no additional mark-up for a distributor. Also, these items are so durable that the cost over time is low. If you examine one, you'll see the quality work that goes into them. 

Do you make pull-over smocks?

No. The risk of an inmate using the armholes or neckhole as a noose is too great. 

May we examine one?

By all means. We're happy to send you a smock or blanket to examine and return with no obligation to purchase if returned unused.

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